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Everything in life starts with a knife!
We believe a sharp knife is essential for the chef and butcher!
We know that a sharp knife is crucial for the skilled sportsman!
We understand that sharp shears are vital for a beautician and barber!

“It starts with a knife!” Whether you’re a chef, a home chef or a sportsman, you know the value of a sharp knife. The Rusty Knife takes that into consideration each time a knife enters the store.

The Rusty Knife prides itself on quality and service. For me, it’s not a job; it’s a love for cutlery. Someone once told me that when you’re doing something you enjoy, you’ll never work a day in your life!

Working with knives is a love. I get satisfaction when I sharpen them to perfection. Your knife is in good care from the time I receive it until the time it’s picked up. For me, a dull knife is a way that I get to satisfy my inner joy.

We have a nice selection of high-end cutlery that we sell. We will increase our inventory to suit the needs of our community. Suggestions are always welcome.

Feel confident to bring your knives, scissors, beauty shears and any other tools to me and I will sharpen them back to life.

“Everything in life starts and ends with a knife.”

Emile Mogannam

Sales, Sharpening, Restaurant Exchange, and Advise.   
We offer professional sharpening service for knives of all types.
Restaurant weekly exchange.
If you need help deciding what knives to buy, keep or donate.